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Poker Site Traffic: What Is It and How Does It Work? What is Poker Site Traffic and how does it work? Find out how this awesome resource gets it's data and how you get to benefit!

As of 2020, online poker games are at an all-time high. Since March of 2020, there has been a 43% increase in the number of adults around the world who like to kick up their feet and place bets over the internet. This is awesome news for those who want to have fun and make money from the comfort of their homes!

However, as you likely know, choosing the right online casino can be a challenge. There are so many options that it can be difficult to figure out where to even begin looking!

Luckily, Poker Site Traffic is here to help. Read on to learn all about, how it works, and why it's a good way to choose an online gambling venue that works for you.

What Is Poker Site Traffic?

Historical Traffic Analysis is an online service that lets you know the volume of traffic that the biggest poker sites around the world get. The goal is to inform you of the number of players that access these site pages monthly, so that you can find out which platform is popular in your region.

Some people prefer smaller platforms, which have their own unique poker client software. On the other hand, some people prefer larger platforms. Not only do they offer bigger tournaments, but there are more people to play against on bigger platforms. This lets players hone their skills in multiple different situations and see others use strategies that they otherwise wouldn't. Some people also like bigger sites because many of them offer a wider variety of  poker game types than smaller pages do like No Limit, Omaha and Fixed Limit.

In addition to telling you how much monthly traffic a site gets, Poker Site Traffic will also tell you whether the site is becoming more or less popular. Sites that are going up in popularity will have a green percentage beside them on our home page, indicating the percent of traffic increase from the previous month. On the flip side, sites with declining popularity will feature a red percentage showing how much traffic is declining.

We Use High Quality Traffic Data

On, we use SEMrush tools to identify how many people use the most popular poker sites around the world. If you don't know what SEMrush is, you're likely curious as to what this means.

SEMrush is a tool that tells us the amount of traffic different websites get. If we enter a poker site's URL into the appropriate page, we can see the number of visits that people make each month. We can also identify how many unique visitors there are as opposed to those who visit the page over and over again. This allows us to assess user engagement metrics.

Additionally, SEMrush allows us to see how many visitors are accessing the site via desktop vs on mobile devices. We can then bring you this knowledge so that you can choose the perfect casino based on the medium you want to gamble with.

It's important to note that our site doesn't list the number of people playing poker at a given time. Rather, it tells you the number of visits each site gets each month. This allows you to assess overall traffic on a broader scale when determining which site is for you. You can identify which poker sites are the most popular and use this to estimate the number of players that you would like to compete against.

What Countries Does It Show Traffic For?

Global Analytics

Poker Site Traffic analyses are not only accurate and easy to access, but they are available for sites in a variety of countries. Currently, we offer traffic reports for the most popular sites in the following nations with more coming soon:

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Bangladesh

  • Bolivia

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Japan

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Nepal

  • Peru

  • Sri Lanka

  • Thailand

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Venezuela

As you can see, we look at sites in multiple different regions when gathering information.

This is primarily beneficial because it allows us to help give traffic data to gamblers in all global regions. However, it also is beneficial because we can see who around the globe is accessing websites in other countries.

Most poker sites allow those from multiple nations to access them. For example, Bodog is one of the most popular online casinos in the world. It is available in more than 10 countries with over 15 million visitors per month combined in all of those regions.

Furthermore, on our site, you can also see sites that are region-specific. Bodog may not appear very popular initially, with only 42,100 visitors to Bodog India and 733,000 to Bodog Canada. However, our site makes it clear that these small numbers only show access made by one region, which lets you choose the nation in which you reside and play against only those near you.

What Makes Our Site High-Quality?

Our page has a few factors that make it the highest caliber Poker Site Traffic indicator on the net.

First, SEMrush is one of the most reliable traffic and rankings checkers out there. It uses many different analytics tools to process each website that you enter into it. This means more accurate results that have given SEMrush millions of users.

In fact, in 2019, SEMrush was given the ' Best SEO Software Suite ' award for its accurate traffic analyses!

Furthermore, only selects high-quality poker sites. We have high benchmark standards when looking at online casinos. These include brand reputation, fair odds, software, customer service, and payout speed.

What Are the Benefits of Seeing Poker Site Traffic?

There are many benefits to seeing the largest poker sites by traffic.

The first is that it gives gamblers a tool to assess the trustworthiness of the poker sites. Players may be able to trust sites that others in their countries are playing on more. If many people are playing on a site, you could think there must be something good about it. It would be potentially more risky to blindly seek out a random online casino and give it your personal and financial information.

As we brushed on earlier, poker site traffic also lets you choose what poker sites to play on based on users. If you want less game options with smaller player pools, you can go to sites with less traffic. Those who prefer larger game variety and player pools can choose those with high traffic. It's a really efficient system!

You can also find out what sites are actually offered in a country. For instance Ignition Casino isn't offered in Mexico but Bodog is. This stops you wasting your time on sites that won't even let you play.

Finally, is beneficial because it lists some of the most popular poker sites in one place. All you need to do is click on the sites that are listed on our home page and browse them to determine where you want to play. You don't need to blindly do hours of online research to find a reputable casino that meets your needs. They're all at your fingertips!

Learn More and Browse Our Page

While there are many ways to choose a poker site for online gambling, none are as effective as assessing those that get the most traffic. Not only are these pages the most widely-loved and high-quality in the world, but there are tons of people that you can play against at any given time.

Now that you know how our Poker Site Traffic website works, it's time to use it to access the best casinos in your nation. Check out our home page to see the casinos that get the most traffic around the world based on the accurate information that the SEMrush tools provide.

Remember to always gamble responsible and stay in control. If you think you're in trouble, get help. Check out our  Responsible Gambling page for some online resources.